Seussical Jr., April 2013

2012-2013 Seussical Jr., facebook

Music by Stephen Flaherty
Lyrics by Lynn Ahrens
Book by Lynn Ahrens and Stephen Flaherty
Co-Conceived by Lynn Ahrens, Stephen Flaherty and Eric Idle
Based on the works of Dr. Suess
Directed by Owen Robertson

The story centers around Horton the Elephant, who finds himself faced with a double challenge–not only must he protect his tiny friend Jojo (and all the invisible Whos) from a world of naysayers and dangers, but he must guard an abandoned egg, left to his care by the irresponsible Mayzie La Bird. Although Horton faces ridicule, danger, kidnapping and a trial, the intrepid Gertrude McFuzz never loses faith in him, the only one who recognizes “his kind and his powerful heart.” Ultimately, the powers of friendship, loyalty, family and community are challenged and emerge triumphant, in a story that makes you laugh and cry.

April 12th-28th, Fridays and Saturdays at 7:30 PM and Sundays at 3 PM.

Seussical Jr. – Cast List>>>

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Cast List for SEUSSICAL Jr.

BIRDS—————–Mackenna Stalman, Hannah Orr, Abigail B. Elliott, Samantha Taylor
Cat In The Hat———-McKenna Crosby
ELePhAnt BiRd——–Gavin Jeffery
GERTUDE————–Tori Pegram
GRINCH—————-Alexis Mahaffey
HORTON—————-Kristopher Pickens
JoJo——————–Jimmy Francis
JUNGLE ANIMALS—-Riley Whitfield, Miranda Lantz, Lindsay Chapman, Ryan Finley
KANGAROO————Alyona Lambright
MAZIE——————Thelma C. Cope
Mr MAYOR————–Ethan Waldrop
Mrs MAYOR————Rebecca Kaup
ThInG 1 & tHiNg 2——Shannon Duke, Anna Phillips
VLADIKOFF————-Olivia Rice
WHOs——————-Charlotte Rice, Jamison Lusk, Shana Gilstrap, Nianza Spears, Jillian Dioguardi, Isabella Young
WICKERSHAMS——-Grantland Rogers, Hannah Gunter, David M. Little, Lennon Nalley
YERTLE—————–Carrie Birchfield

Rehearsals begin this Monday, February 18th @ 6:30 pm sharp. You’ll be given your scripts then.

Parents are asked to meet during the first part of rehearsal this Monday to give you an overview of what to expect and what is expected of your actor.
Congratulations and Thanks for joining us on this wonderful adventure! See you Monday!

Owen and Scott

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The 39 Steps – February, 2013

39 Steps

Adapted by Patrick Barlow
from the novel by John Buchan from the movie of Alfred Hitchcock
Directed by Anna DeVault

Prices: $14 adults, $12 Seniors and Students, $7 Children

Friday and Saturday Evening Performances:

  • February 8th, 9th, 15th & 16th at 8:00 PM

Sunday Performances:

  • February 10th & 17th at 3:00 PM

Mix a Hitchcock masterpiece with a juicy spy novel, add a dash of Monty Python and you have The 39 Steps, a fast-paced whodunit for anyone who loves the magic of theater  This 2-time Tony® and Drama Desk Award-winning treat is packed with nonstop laughs, over 150 zany characters (played by a ridiculously talented cast of 4), an on-stage plane crash, handcuffs, missing fingers and some good old-fashioned romance!

In The 39 Steps, a man with a boring life meets a woman with a thick accent who says she’s a spy. When he takes her home, she is murdered. Soon, a mysterious organization called “The 39 Steps”is hot on the man’s trail in a nationwide manhunt that climaxes in a death-defying finale! A riotous blend of virtuoso performances and wildly inventive stagecraft, The 39 Steps amounts to an unforgettable evening of pure pleasure!

The 39 Steps, was Broadway’s longest running comedy, and played its 500th performance on Broadway, May 19th, 2009! February 8th-17th Fridays and Saturdays at 8 PM and Sundays at 3 PM.

Cast List for “The 39 Steps”

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Cast List for “The 39 Steps”

39 Steps-sm

Hannay: Cedric Byrd
Annabella, Margaret,Pamela: Erin Hensley Schultz
Clown 1: Steve Schultz
Clown 2: Maurice Reed

Thank you everyone who auditioned. You were most wonderful!
First read though- Thursday, December 13. 6:30pm. We will rehearse downstairs in the Fine Arts Center.
Anna Homewood DeVault

About  The 39 Steps

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Gold, Frankincense, Christmas Tree Ornaments and Myrrh, December 2012

Book by Thomas Ohlson
Directed by Kevin Tribble
Written specifically for Christmas, this popular, wonderfully warm and witty play has been performed successfully throughout the year. It is based on both the traditional Christmas stories and modern inventions, and tells of the birth and boyhood of Jesus, and of his growing awareness of his destiny. It also tells of a would-be fourth wise man and his comic attempts to capitalize on the coming of the Messiah.

“It is a charming, novel play on an ancient theme. Especially timed for the Christmas season, the play emphasizes what must be a constant complaint of Christian clergymen: that the Christ-mas message is being lost through materialism, commercialism, and flimsy extraneousness. The very title is suggestive of the danger.”– Dr. Arthur T. Buch, Senior Rabbi of Congregation Share Zedek, New York City, writing in the Herald News, Passaic, NJ

Cast List for Gold, Frankincense, Christmas Tree Ornaments and Myrrh

  • Adults (under 60)–$14
  • Seniors (60+)–$12
  • Students (13+)–$12
  • Schildren (12 and under)–$7

December 7th-16th Fridays and Saturdays at 8:00 PM and Sundays at 3 PM.

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Cast List for Gold, Frankincense, Christmas Tree Ornaments and Myrrh

There will be a read-through for the cast on Monday, Oct. 29th at 7.

  • First actor: Elby Bruce
  • Second actor: Andrew Willard
  • Third actor: Tim Spears
  • Boy: Kristopher Pickens
  • Actress: Shannon Duke
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The Haunting, October 2012

By Hugh Janes, adapted from stories by Charles Dickens
Directed by Maurice Reed

In an ancient, crumbling mansion, sheltering from the howling winds that tear across the surrounding desolate moorland, two men stumble across a dark and terrifying secret that will change both of their lives. When a young book dealer, David Filde, is employed by a former associate of his uncle to catalogue a private library, he finds an incredible array of rare and antiquated books. But as a series of strange and unexplained events conspires to keep Filde from his work, he realizes that if he is to convince his skeptical employer that the mysterious phenomena he is experiencing are real, they must journey together to the very edge of terror, and beyond…

October 19th-28th Oct. 19th and 20th at 8 PM, October 26th and 27th at midnight and Sundays at 3 PM.

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Once Upon A Mattress, August & September 2012

Music by Mary Rodgers
Book by Jay Thompson, Dean Fuller and Marshall Barer
Lyrics by Marshall Barer
Directed by Steve Schultz

If you thought you knew the story of ‘“The Princess and The Pea,” you may be in for a walloping surprise! Did you know, for instance, that Princess Winnifred actually swam the moat to reach Prince Dauntless the Drab? Or that Lady Larken’s love for Sir Harry provided a rather compelling reason that she reach the bridal altar post haste? Or that, in fact, it wasn’t the pea at all that caused the princess a sleepless night? Carried on a wave of wonderful songs, by turns hilarious and raucous, romantic and melodic, this rollicking spin on the familiar classic of royal courtship and comeuppance provides for some side-splitting shenanigans. Chances are you’ll never look at fairy tales quite the same way again.

August 24th-September 9th. Fridays and Saturdays at 8 PM and Sundays at 3 PM

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Heaven Sent, May 2012

By Rick Whelan
Directed by Jimmy O. Burdette

Sometimes the greatest gift comes in the smallest package. When a young, abandoned girl in need of care appears at recluse Samuel Langley’s door in the middle of the night, he is revived and begins to find the beauty in life. Be captivated by the story of how a troubled man finds redemption through the simple need of an innocent child.

  • May 11th-20th, 2012
  • Fridays and Saturdays at 8 PM and Sundays at 3 PM
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Heaven Sent Cast List

Tommy Sorrels as Samuel Langley

Josie Merck as Baby

Edgar Rainey as Pastor Sims

Alexandre Marcondes as Del Cass

Matt Harris as Tom Cass

Bethany Bowen as Nancy Flagg

Tim Spears as (adult) Aaron

Sabrina Robinson as Molly

Stu Adamo as Ralph Budleigh

Lisa Burns as Mrs. Winthrop

Myckael “Spyder” Yeargin as young Samuel

Dylan Lawter as boy Aaron

Lindsey Loparo as adult Eppie

Tim Spears, Sr. as minister

Evie Seitz as young girl

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